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How I got started.......

Back in August 2010 I spent my summer holiday at Lake Garda with my italian family and while I was sitting at the strand, I finally had to admit that I have to change my live and weight dramatically.

But it's not as easy as I thought - epescially the long term weight loss. Since I started in 2010 I can stick to my plan for a couple of weeks or month and loose several weight but than all of a sudden, old habits are taking over and I regain the lost weight again (more or less).

But I don't give up - I am sure that one day i will have the right attitude to get the entire way to a heathly weight!

The reason behind this page


Specki, my weaker self, with the strength of a Pittbuls, tries to keep me of my goal - the goal to reach a healthy BMI and to feel better. With this page, I hope to keep him smaller.

My achievments so far...


MonthWeight LossBMISporting Minutes
January 2014 so far1.2 kg / 1.9 lbs- 0.6%200


Originally I was going to exact write down what I eat, how many Points that has etc etc. Unfortunately the Weight Watcher data is forbitten to be published elsewhere, therefore I cannot write down too many details.

Therfore whenever I have a product I am using or if it is something as per Weight Watcher I will use the Icon: {#emotions_dlg.apple}                                                       

Should someone be closer interested in the program - please send me a private message and we can speak/write privatly.



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