2014 / Day 25: A good first month is coming to an end!

Saturday, 25th January 2014

With my weigh in on 26th December 2013 I opened up my new weight loss fight 2014.

  • Since then I had so far 4 weigh ins - all with a loss. So far in this round I lost a total of 2.7 kg / 5.95lbs
  • I struggled a couple of times with my food - but still was able to turn it to a good weigh in result
  • I restarted with sport - not to much and by far not enough for now, but still I found a start!

For the next 4 weeks my premier goal is too keep up my healthier nutrition style by even more to follow more consquent my workout program. Did I had an extra of 18 AP saved in the last week - this week I will accumulate at least 40 AP. And that means, I have to go regularly to the gym! 

So let's see, what the next month is bringing up! I am ready for it - because I want it and I can make it happen!!

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