My virtual walking tour

In order to see how much I have trained, I will honor every 5 minutes of excercise with a 1km on the below map. My first trip is going from Kostheim, my hometown in Germany to the lake Garda, where I am originally coming from. It's a way of 751 km and passes following cities:

Kostheim - Darmstadt - Heidelberg - Pforzheim - Stuttgart - Ulm - Memmingen - Kempten - Füssen - Nassereith - Innsbruck - Brenner - Bozen - Trient - Gagnano-Bogliaco


Curious to see, how long it will take me to get there! Lächelnd



My virtual running track

LandmarkDistanceWorked kmbreakpoint reached on:
Kostheim (Start)0  
Darmstadt34 km  
Heidelberg83 km  
Pforzheim148 km  
Stuttgart196 km  
Ulm290 km  
Memmingen340 km  
Kempten368 km  
Füssen404 km  
Nassereith462 km  
Innsbruck511 km  
Brenner547 km  
Bozen626 km  
Trient681 km  
Strada Statale Gardesana717 km  
Limone731 km  
Bogliaco (Ziel)751 km  

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