2014 / Day 15: That is not goog - not good at all

Wednesday, 15th January 2014

The last 3 weeks I have really kept on the plan - which rewarded me with a small weight loss in week one and a bigger (900gr) in the last week.

Also this week I was doing fine - until yesterday evening. Don't know what came to my mind, but while shopping my brain must have stopped working for a while.

Back at home I found myself with a little pack (130gr) of minitwix and fish in creme sauce..... and off course I ate it all.

So this morning, filled with guild, I stepped on the scale (yes I admit, I weigh myself more than once a week) to see, what it did with my weightloss.
And while being still very optimistic yesterday morning I know doubt, I will have a weight loss tomorrow.

But I will try to keep failure as low as possible and therefore will save some of my daypoints today..... perhaps that will make up for my mistake yesterday.

And if not - well than I will try even harder next week to increase my weightloss!!

I am not giving up this time - no matter what!

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