2014 / Day 9: She loves me yeah yeah yeah.....

Thursday, 9th January 2014

Hi guys,

This morning, which is my official weight in day, I was really very pleased with my scale - she offered my a weightloss of 900 gr / 1.9 lbs, which I willingly accepted!

I can't remember when I had such a high weightloss in one single week!

So aferall, it looks as if the non-counting menu options on weightwatcher are not bad at all. You can still eat a good portion per meal and still loose it.

This week I tried 2 different dishes and they were both very tasty!
First was the scrambled egg with pepper and tomato, with a slice ob dark bread with fresh cheese and also some yoghurt with fruits. Ok as I do not eat that much for breakfast I used it as a lunch menue - but still then it is a lot and keeps you satisfied for long.

The other one were the filled mushrooms with fresh chees-tomato-zucchini filling in a tomatosauce (see picture).... Easy and quick to prepare and just delicious!

I am really looking forward to the next week, of course hoping that I can improve my weightloss a little more: Not really the regard to the weight, but more how I proceed: I still need to achive a drinking volume of at least 2 liters per day and I definately need to restard my workout programm!

With later my personal goal is to be able to rune a 5k againg by the end of May 2014 again. Ok for most of you it might not be much, but knowing my shinbone are tense up when I currently try, it is a big enough goal for me!

Let's see, what the new week will bring! Stay tuned.... I will keep you updated :-)

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