2014: New Start, new challenge - new successes

Saturday, 4th January 2014

Ok, in October I put myself a goal - to retrain my 5 big rules to a good weight loss:


1. Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water or tea e.g. per day

Well, I can say I met that goal - 1.5 l per day is the minimum I drink now - most of the time, I even drink more. Currently most of the time it is apple tea or ginger-lemon tea. Sometimes I have a scoop of cola light, but only if I am at a restauant or so

2. Add fruits or vegetables to every meal or snack you eat

Here too, I am quite good at it in the meantime again. However the portion of vegetables sometimes could be still increased, escpecially when I have scrambled eggs or something like that. Snacks are now at 95% fruits or fresh cheese with fruits - so with the snacks its working perfect!

3. Get moving!

Well, here the first steps are done, however I have still a lot of space for improvement! I have startet 2 weeks ago to go walking about 2 times a week with a good neighbour of mine. We have found a nice track in the wineyards, about 5.5 km long, and are currently trying to increase our walking speed.

But I still havn't made it to my sportscenter again - I am a paying member, but don't really use it.

So I made a deciscion: If I do not restart to go there regularly (at least 3 times/week) by the 13th November, which is my birthday, I will pause the contract!

4. Write down what ever you eat to get an overview of your used calories

YES, this is working fine again too - even if I use more than the allowed points, I write down everythink. No more ignoring of my mistakes or fails!

5. If you go food shopping, do it with a prepared list..... and stick to it

Most of the time I do! However, similar to the "Get moving" rule, there is still enough space for improvement!





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